Free Inductance Meter PCB – first come, first served


When I made the PCB for the stand-alone inductance meter, I erroneously used a SSOP footprint for the microcontroller (instead of the desired SOIC). The PIC is available in a SSOP package (PIC16F1963-I/SS instead of PIC16F1936-I/SO) but I didn’t have any at hand so I simply made a new board with a SOIC footprint.


Apart from the footprint, the SSOP board is identical to what I’ve finally used and is fully functional. If anyone is interested I’m happy to give it away for free – first come, first served.


By the way, I’m building a second inductance meter for my father who has asked me if he could get one, too. It’s technically identical but this time the 3D-printer had orange PLA in it so I used just that.




By pure coincident, the color just about matches the newer Agilent / Keysight multimeters 😉


4 thoughts on “Free Inductance Meter PCB – first come, first served”

  1. Can you measure an unknown capacitance using this meter? I am developing a sensor that uses capacitance as the measurement variable. I need to measure the change in capacitance caused by the sensor. Thank you for your reply in anticipation.

    1. Hi Krishna. This should absolutely work – I just haven’t done it. The capacitance and inductance are in series so you can also measure capacitance, you just need to slightly change the software. The reason why I haven’t done it is that a regular DMM can measure capacitance so I didn’t need to build this functionality myself.

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