The Art of Electronics – Third Edition


The world has been waiting since 1989, now it’s finally here. The 3rd edition of the classic book The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill is finally out. My ( pre-ordered) copy just arrived today.


It’s slightly disappointing in size. It quite matches the 2nd edition and grew only about 50 pages in volume. Haven’t really had time to read any of it or compare the table of content.


Feel free to leave any of your impressions on this or the last edition in the comments below.

Update as of August 4th, 2015

I’ve finally found the time to read the first 300 or so pages of the 3rd edition. Some of the material is very familiar to readers of the 2nd edition. But there is plenty of stuff that was not yet part of the 2nd edition. Such as a very comprehensive coverage of JFET amplifiers. Other chapters have disapeared entirely such as the one on high frequency / RF circuits. In my opinion it makes perfectly sense to own and read (!) both editions. And there is a second volume (called the AoE x-chapters) to be released at some time in the future (another 30 years?) . I’m looking forward to it.