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ReflowR on indiegogo.com

This will be my shortest post ever. But I just spotted a project on indiegogo.com that I think is worth mentioning: A small and affordable tool to do reflow soldering. It’s basically a heating plate specifically designed for reflow soldering. So it can reproduce JEDEC temperature profiles, it does data logging and and you can even control it via a web interface if you spend an extra 9$ on the wifi upgrade.

Here’s the link: https://igg.me/at/reflowr/x/15560432 or http://reflowr.com

I’ve been looking around for some kind of reflow oven for a while but nothing affordable quite convinced me. This morning I just stumbled accross this project by chance. I’ve ordered a “Large ReflowR” with the wifi upgrade and an external thermoucuple  and will report on how it performs once I get it which should be some time in February next year.