Solar Charger in Hackaday Prize Finals

I’m delighted to tell you that my MPPT Solar Charger has been nominated for this year’s Hackaday Prize Finals taking place on October 22nd.  I’ve submitted it in the Power Harvesting Challenge category a while ago and was just informed that it was picked as one out of twenty projects submitted to the finals. Check out the original article here. Of course, any support is highly appreciated.

If you check out the project description on you will notice that my blog is somewhat lagging the latest developments. But don’t worry, I hope to post more updates as well as a few videos soon.

6 thoughts on “Solar Charger in Hackaday Prize Finals”

  1. Congratulations, Lukas! I have followed you’r project during the building, and test period. And as many of uou’r other projects, it’s are impressive!
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Congrats, Lukas, you’re the man!
    Loved your ultrasonic anemometer approach, hope your MPPT solar charger will result in a finished, easily reproduceable product!
    Thank you for your dedication!
    Wish you all well with the finals!
    Amazing job!

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