Inductance Meter PCB goes to India


In a recent post I’ve offered a free PCB on a first-come first-served basis. I’ll be happy to mail the board together with some components to Mumbai, India tomorrow. It goes to Parth Sane, a student, homebrewer and soon-to-be ham radio operator.


@Parth: Please share some photos of the finished inductance meter once you’re done.

2 thoughts on “Inductance Meter PCB goes to India”

  1. Hi Lucas,
    A little late thanks for the PCB again. I wasn’t able to assemble the PCB as yet. Good news is that I’ve got my HAM license in USA and India with callsigns W2IVV and VU3TTL respectively.
    I will try to get back to that project and will try to post pics later!
    Thanks and 73!
    Parth Sane

  2. Hi Parth
    Good to hear from you. Congrats to your ham radio license and looking forward to some pics 😉

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